Langsung ke konten utama

It's been a while...

It's been a while...

I know,
I have loved writing for a long time, but I stopped what I loved so far and choose to do other activities.
Now, it feels like I want to go back to writing. Write down what I feel, what I want, and what I have hoped for.

I'm going back to the world of writing.

See you soon :)


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  "Attachment begins in the first relationship of life, the relationship of with the mother. This relationship begins early, even before birth. It can be heavily influenced by the circumstances of birth, including the parents' readiness and desire for the baby, the mothers' mental and emotional state around birth, and birth procedures... Even the levels of mothers' hormones have been found to have an effect, with higher levels of oxytocin supporting more attachment behaviors by mothers..." Continuing my previous review of this book, in this part I will be focused only on the chapter about Attachment with our mother. To be honest, this section is one of my favorite parts of the book with the title The Emotionally Absent Mother. Why? Because attachment has a significant impact on our brain development, mental health, and future relationships. Even research indicates that attachment is created not just from meeting the immediate physical needs of the infant but also

Book Review - The Emotionally Absent Mother

"Few experiences in life are as deep as the feelings we carry about our mothers. The roots of some of these feelings are lost in the dark recesses of preverbal experience. The branches go every which way, some holding glorious, sun-drenched moments, while others are broken off, leaving sharp and jagged edges that we get caught on. Mother is not a simple subject..." Disclaimer: As with any exercise provided by this book, this may bring up uncomfortable feelings, so you will want to pace yourself. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, you might let it go for now and come back to read this book again when you are ready. It's 10 PM o'clock here when I write down these few paragraphs. No, this is not only about time but also a matter of decision, because this book is my bibliotherapy. So I involve my logic and also my feelings regarding the contents of this book. I will explain to you not only based on the information that I received from this book but also how this bo

Sepekan Kemarin

Beberapa pekan lalu, kita agaknya terbungkus dalam perasaan yang menggembirakan, ada hal penting yang menakjubkan, sebab kita sedang mempersiapkan pertemuan. Sebagian datang dengan banyak harapan, sebagian yang lain menantikan perjumpaan. Tidak berlebihan rasanya, kalau perjumpaan sore itu, 18 Juni 2023, adalah kenangan yang begitu manis dan tak terlupakan. Jika bukan karena PK ini, rasanya tak akan kita dengar cerita-cerita hebat dari gugusan Pulau-Pulau di Indonesia. Jika bukan karena PK ini, rasanya tak akan pernah ada perkenalan yang akhirnya menyisakan memori dan kenangan. Kita datang tak hanya dengan berbekal pakaian dan catatan kecil pelengkap kegiatan, tetapi juga keberanian dan mimpi-mimpi besar yang kemudian saling kita bagikan. Terima kasih sudah menjadi kawan yang menyenangkan selama sepekan kemarin. Ingatlah selalu memori saat kita duduk berhadapan dan tanpa sungkan membangun topik pembicaraan :) Dulu sekali, bahkan sedetik pun tak pernah ada dalam bayangan bisa bersua den